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September 29, 2020

Enjoy the unexpected pleasure of take-out cocktails …. here’s a current selection of bottle options, available to sip at home, in addition to our regular cocktail menu which is available to-go.



March 23, 2020

Dear Sisters community,

Thank you so much for your support always, and especially during these incredibly uncertain and overwhelming times. We deeply appreciate the outpouring of love we’ve received this past week,  even as everyone is grappling with their own responsibilities and needs.

We have necessarily closed our doors for the safety of staff and the community, and are not at this time offering take-out or delivery services.

While we are navigating helping our staff through this temporary closure, and the rapidly changing information about what relief is available, we are most concerned about those most vulnerable. For us, that means our kitchen, many of whom have families both here and out of the country, and do not have other sources of income.

If you desire to make a donation to us, we will at this time be distributing funds from this gofundme between the 9 members of our kitchen staff. 

We completely understand that we are one amongst many many fundraising efforts right now, but we wanted to open an avenue for people who are able to contribute something if they wish. Every donation is greatly appreciated, and we will certainly be in the mood to celebrate grandly once it is safe to reopen our doors!

Zahra Zubaidi – Iraqi Maqam at BMH

January 10, 2020

This Maqam performance includes a classical Iraqi repertoire of Nazim El Ghazali, Afifa Iskanar, and Wahida Khalil by Iraqi vocalist Zahra Zubaidi.

Born in Iraq, Zubaidi is a New York-based vocalist/actor. She has performed with Safaafir, the only US-based ensemble dedicated to performing the Iraqi Maqam, this year at Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum, and, most recently, Roulette. She is a student of Iraqi Maqam under the guidance of renowned Iraqi Maqam master Mr. Hamid Al Saadi.

8:00pm – Zahra Zubaidi – Iraqi Maqam
9:00pm – Open Jam Session
Admission: $10
Doors at 7:30pm

Zahra Zubaidi – vocals
Sami Abu Shumays – violin
Omar Dewachi – oud
John Murchison – qanun
Johnny Farraj – percussion
Nezih Antakli – percussion

About Maqam :
The maqam is the classical vocal tradition of Iraq and one of the most refined of the many maqam traditions found throughout the Arab and Muslim world. In Iraq, the term maqam refers to highly-structured, semi-improvised, compositions that take years of disciplined study under a master to learn fully. Often rhythmically free and meditative, they are sung to Classical Arabic and colloquial Iraqi poetry, and are followed by light-hearted, rhythmic songs, known as pestaat.*

mix for sisters #23 – Gabrielle Kwarteng


Gabrielle Kwarteng is a New York City native who was originally an “iPod music selector” at house parties before becoming a DJ. She’s always found it difficult to identify her favorite genre (but can safely say it’s one that leaves her wanting dance), hence resulting in genre-bending sets. From funk to disco to house to electronic and even Afrobeat (a shout-out to her Ghanaian origins), you’ll never know what you’re going to get from her.