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Brooklyn Raga Massive Presents: Nakshatra / Tranpe

May 13, 2024


7pm doors 8pm music

Full dinner menu available

Seating is first-come first-serve

Brooklyn Raga Massive Presents

Nakshatra: Trina Basu & Arun Ramamurthy

Violinists Trina Basu and Arun Ramamurthy reimagine the potential of string chamber music with a unique sound both deeply intimate and cinematically expansive. Deeply rooted in traditions of South Indian classical music, Western chamber music, jazz and folk styles, the duo creates a sound that feels ancient, orchestral, and contemporary or as The New Yorker put it, “free-flowing and globe-spanning.” Trina and Arun reach both deep into their past and high into the celestial realm, culminating in a lush and spiritual collaboration that bridges traditions and defies genres.

Tranpe: Rufus Cappadocia & Sheila Anozier

Sheila Anozier‘s deep relationship with Haitian folk melodies and Vodou converges with Rufus Cappadocia’s mastery of modal music and polyrhythm to produce Tranpe’s transcendent version of the “Mizik rasin”.

DUAL 3 curated by Savannah Harris

April 28, 2024

7pm doors, 8pm music

Full dinner menu available

Seating is first-come first-serve



performing live in the back room


is a musician, composer, and producer from Brooklyn, NY. Though primarily known for her work as a professional guitarist, Keyanna is newly embarking on channeling her knowledge of guitar and production into a creative exploration of original compositions.


Alfredo Colón – saxophone

Hank Mason – electronics

Dominican-American saxophonist and composer Alfredo Colón is a proud New York City native. His playing has been described as authoritative and fiery yet mournful and melodic. Drawing on his interest in Dominican folklore and the works of visionary saxophonists Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman, Colon creates a musical atmosphere that highlights beauty by framing it in disarray.

Hank Mason is a real person living in Queens, New York. He builds new worlds & tries to better understand the one we live in through music, drawing, and code. Right now he’s most interested in developing hybrid electronic/analog systems for live improvisation-based concerts.




Sam Weinberg 2024 Residency

April 25, 2024

7pm doors 8pm music

Full dinner menu available, seating is first come first serve

performing live in the back room


Peter Evans – trumpet

Brandon Seabrook – guitar

John Hebert – bass

Sam Ospovat – drums

TILT brass 

Led by composer, trombonist, and concert producer Chris McIntyre, TILT Brass is a Brooklyn-based organization dedicated to creating new content and contexts for contemporary brass music by producing inventive concert programs, recording projects, and commissioning initiatives. TILT boldly positions itself as the vanguard presenter and advocate for new brass music in New York City. Founded in 2003 by McIntyre and Gregory Evans, TILT Brass’ various projects present the work of living composers with over 50 premiere performancesthus far. Its personnel includes many of the brightest stars from the local brass community in ensemble configurations ranging from solo and chamber groups to experimental brass orchestra. TILT can be heard on releases by the Tzadik, New World, Non-Site, and POTTR labels.


solo saxophone

$10-30 sliding scale at the door (cash/Venmo, no advance tickets)

Lao Dan, John McCowen, Charmaine Lee

March 27, 2024

7pm doors 

full dinner menu available 

seating is first-come, first-served 

8pm music 

performing solos, duos and as a trio:

LAO DAN is a classically trained Chinese flutist at Shenyang Conservatory of Music (SYCM), Lao Dan sticks to his own vision of and approach to the bamboo flute and its sounds. His playing continues to push the limits of artistic expression on this instrument, exploring the possibilities of free, energetic, and nonconformist ways of sound-making confined by neither Jazz nor traditional Chinese musical conventions. His improvisation often brings to the audience an overwhelming sonic experience in which the East and the West, the ancient and the modern clash dramatically on each other. Bandcamp

JOHN MCCOWEN‘s musical life has become an obsession with discovering a polyphonic language on a historically monophonic instrument – the clarinet. This has led him to a unique acoustic vocabulary that is akin to a shifting soundscape of electronic feedback. John’s multi-phonic approach is based in drones, difference tones, and beating harmonics as a means to showcase the compositional potential within a single, acoustic sound source. His work has been described by The New Yorker as “the sonic equivalent of microscopic life viewed on a slide” and by The Wire as “an astonishing demonstration of pure sound & human will.”

CHARMAINE LEE is a New York-based vocalist. Her music is predominantly improvised, and favors a uniquely personal approach to vocal expressed concerned with spontanaeity, playfulness, and risk-taking. Beyond extended vocal technique, Charmaine uses amplification, feedback, and microphones to augment and distort the voice.  

Soup & Sound at Sisters

March 22, 2024

Continuum Culture & Arts Presents

7pm doors 8pm music

full dinner menu available

seating is first-come, first-served

performing live in the back room

Judy Dunaway (Boston, MA)
“…is primarily known for her numerous works for latex balloons as sound producers, including sculptural sonic performances, sound installations, interactive pieces and acousmatic works. She has presented these works at premier venues, festivals, museums and galleries throughout North America and Europe.” Balloon Music Manifesto

Devin Gray
Devin Gray’s fresh approach to modern drumming has enabled him to play with many of the world’s great jazz musicians. He is interested in a multitude of musical directions and prioritizes sincerity.


Tom Blancarte – bass

Nana Pi Aabo-Kim – saxophone

Louise D.E. Jensen – saxophone

Halym Aabo-Kim – drums & euphonium


Heavy Florals VII curated by Shara Lunon

March 17, 2024

7pm doors 8pm music 

Full dinner menu available; seating is first come, first served 

HEAVY FLORALS is a series that creates space for a community of POC musicians & their allies to exhale, curated by Shara Lunon

performing live in the back room


Aliya Ultan (she/her/hers) is a cellist, singer, and composer-improviser from Brooklyn based in New York. Growing up in a car with her mother and sister, Aliya’s music channels the energies one might associate with escape via catharsis or witchcraft. Throughout her time in NYC, Aliya has become deeply involved in the experimental music scene as both a performer and facilitator of creative happenings. The Wham Jam series in Redhook is one of her ongoing projects as well as an upcoming rooftop series starting May. With a passion for collaboration Aliya plays in three bands; GNR8RZ with Simon Hanes, Calvin Weston, and Anthony Coleman, Wicked Bush with Matt Bent and Kevin Eichenberger, and SEVEN which she co-leads with violist-singer songwriter Javen Lara. Aliya also performs on Broadway in Hadestown and with Yoshiko Chuma’s School or Hard Knocks. Come this Fall, Aliya will be releasing multiple records including a debut album with SEVEN produced by Randall Dunn, GNR8RZ produced by Marc Urselli, and a live album of her most recent solo tour across the States. For information about upcoming events and releases please follow @nocturnal_cellist on IG.

Javen Lara (she/her/hers), also known as Jae, is from Harlem, New York City. She attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School as an instrumental major. Jae has performed at Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall and more. Graduating from Bard College and Conservatory, Jae was one of two of the first African-American graduates of the Conservatory. Upon her return to New York City, she started “Javen’s House Concert Series: Through the Seasons”, where she hosted a fusion of classical chamber music favorites, improvisations, and original songs. Emma Kato, Christina Jones, Alyssa Yuge, Dharshan Chandrakumar. Gigi Hseuh, Alissa Mori, and Alec Manasse were collaborators playing works by Shostakovich, Tchiakovsky, Mozart. The improvisations were created by Jae and eclectic violinist, Scott Li. And original songs with her Manhattan-based band, The Slippers. Dharshan and Jae also started an improvisatory viola duet, using electronics and voice to expand the capabilities of their instruments. Lastly, Jae is the violist as well as co-lead vocalist with cellist/vocalist/one of Jae’s greatest inspirations, Aliya Ultan, in the Brooklyn based band, SEVEN. They have performed at Public Records, Chaos Computer, and look forward to collaborating with Pioneer works as well as more renowned venues around New York City. This Autumn, the band will be releasing their debut album, produced by Randall Dunn, through Applehead Studios in Woodstock and Circular Ruin Studios in Brooklyn. @sexistential_crisis and @seventimesinfinity on IG


Shamar Watt is an experimental multidisciplinary artist born in Kingston, Jamaica, raised in Miami, and based in Miami and New York City. He has worked as a multidisciplinary performer with Nora Chipaumire since 2015. He was nominated as one of the top 25 performers/choreographers to watch for 2019 Dance Magazine. Watt was the recipient of the prestigious Bessie Award for Outstanding Performance 2019. Watt collaborated and worked alongside Matthew Barney in ‘SECONDARY’ premiered in 2023. Watt challenges the way we perceive form through sound and the Body. He interrogates the forms of spiritual entertainment. Watt is currently pursuing an MFA at NYU Tisch in interdisciplinary research.

+ all night selector DJ SAGE LOVES NY

$10-20 sliding scale at the door

Almog Sharvit’s Coralition / Noah Rott Electric Quartet

March 1, 2024

doors 7pm music 8pm

full dinner menu available

seating is first come-first served


Almog Sharvit is an “irrepressibly mischievous and highly skilled” (The Big Takeover) bassist and composer who is never content to stay too long in one mode. His debut album Get Up or Cry has been called a “startlingly imaginative record” and “a masterpiece of syncopated sound” (Bass Magazine, Goldmine Magazine). In addition to his own project, Almog can be heard playing with his collective trio KADAWA, Sunny Jain’s Wild Wild East, The NYChillharmonic, Forager, Julia Easterlin, Ashni, Ambrose Getz, Ella Mar and many more.  Website


Noah Rott is a Brooklyn-based pianist and electronic artist who fuses modern jazz with electronic soundscapes. Originally hailing from Germany, Noah Rott migrated to New York City in 2017, where he swiftly carved out a niche for himself as a dynamic force within the city’s jazz scene. As part of a new generation of jazz innovators, Noah’s virtuosic and versatile use of analog synthesizers and sound effects paired with his picturesque approach to the acoustic piano have garnered attention and acclaim. He is currently leading a new quartet with the vision of creating an innovative sonic blend of acoustic elements and electronic sounds. His band features some of New York’s most unique musical minds, such as Alfredo Colon on saxophone, electric wind instrument, and effects; Mathias Jensen on upright bass; and Kobi Abcede on drums. After releasing his debut album Rewind in 2021, he is projected to release his second album as a bandleader in early 2025. Website
$15 at the door (cash/Venmo, no advance tickets)

Assembly #15 curated by Lester St. Louis & Luke Stewart

February 18, 2024

Music starts at 8pm
Full dinner menu available
Seating is first come-first served

performing live in the back room

No Land & Luke Stewart present works for poems, bass, and spirit

No Land’s work continues in the lineage of the downtown NYC avant garde, honoring an intuitive vow towards creation. She performs her poem-mosaic-ruminations with different formations of musician collaborators including Daniel Carter, Oliver Ray (Patti Smith Group), Bentley Anderson, & more.

Luke Stewart is a musician, performer, improviser-composer whose work represents a deep reverence for the history and tradition of Creative Music: a tradition which encompasses the diverse styles of expression within the body of Black Music in the United States, Africa, and throughout the world. Stewart’s regular ensembles include Irreversible Entanglements and the experimental rock duo Blacks’ Myths

Neti Neti (Amirtha Kidambi + Matt Evans)

Neti Neti is the ritual music duo of Matt Evans (drums/electronics) and Amirtha Kidambi (vocals/electronics) that formed amidst their mutual experiences surrounding grief after the death of loved ones. The pair shape a vessel for processing this loss using hazy rhythmic interplay, dredging piles of noise, and serene moments of ethereal melodic counterpoint. Neti-Neti, translated as “It is not this, it is not that” from Sanskrit, is a contemplation on the nature of reality, life, death, birth and rebirth extracted from the Hindu text of rituals The Upanishads.

Qasim Naqvi

When not touring in lauded trio, Dawn of Midi, Pakistani-American composer Qasim Naqvi creates original music for film, dance, theatre and international chamber ensembles. His most recent works delve deep into the timbres of analogue synthesisers and orchestral configurations.

+ all night selector
Gabriel Jermaine Vandlandingham-Dunn (Cow Arts)

$20 at the door (cash/Venmo)