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Shelley Thomas + Brooklyn Takht at BMH

Shelley Thomas + Brooklyn Takht.

8:00pm – Shelley Thomas + Brooklyn Takht
9:00pm – Open Jam Session
Admission: $10
Doors at 7:30pm

Shelley Thomas (vocals, oud) performs exquisite Arabic songs from Egypt accompanied by Marwan Allam (bass), Nezih Antakli (riq) and Zafer Tawil (qanun). This special performance includes rare repertoire from Golden Era singers Nour al Houda, Asmahan, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Oum Kalthoum and Leila Murad. Romantic poetry and complex song forms such as dawr and qasida pair with intricate microtonal modes (maqamat) to create the richly transportive effect of tarab (musical ecstasy).

Istanbul Trio at BMH

For our first Brooklyn Maqam Hang of 2020, we are delighted to feature The Istanbul Trio (+special guests). They will present Turkish Maqam, Folk and Contemporary Music from Anatolia to Mesopotamia, exploring the interactions of Turkish music with it’s wide array of influences from Armenian, Byzantine, Jewish and Middle Eastern cultures.

8:00pm – Istanbul Trio feat Philip Mayer and John Murchison
9:00pm – Open Jam Session
Admission: $10
Doors at 7:30pm

Ertugrul Erkisi – Oud, Tanbour, Vocals
Aslihan Erkisi – Lyra, Istanbul Kemenche, Vocals
Fatih Bayram – Guitar
Philip Mayer – Percussion
John Murchison – Bass