DUAL 3 curated by Savannah Harris

Date: May 2, 2024
Time: 7pm

7pm doors, 8pm music

Full dinner menu available

Seating is first-come first-serve



performing live in the back room


is a musician, composer, and producer from Brooklyn, NY. Though primarily known for her work as a professional guitarist, Keyanna is newly embarking on channeling her knowledge of guitar and production into a creative exploration of original compositions.


Alfredo Colón – saxophone

Hank Mason – electronics

Dominican-American saxophonist and composer Alfredo Colón is a proud New York City native. His playing has been described as authoritative and fiery yet mournful and melodic. Drawing on his interest in Dominican folklore and the works of visionary saxophonists Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman, Colon creates a musical atmosphere that highlights beauty by framing it in disarray.

Hank Mason is a real person living in Queens, New York. He builds new worlds & tries to better understand the one we live in through music, drawing, and code. Right now he’s most interested in developing hybrid electronic/analog systems for live improvisation-based concerts.