Schenker + Warpeha / George Beatty & Maisie O’Brien / Carmen Rothwell

Date: November 6, 2023
Time: 7:30pm

Doors 7:30 Music 8pm $15 at the door (cash/Venmo, no advance tickets)

Schenker + Warpeha

Folk & ambient saxophonist Craig Schenker and experimental fiddler Zosha Warpeha come together for the NYC debut of a new duo collaboration, creating drone-filled soundscapes that echo folkloric melody and all-but-forgotten memories.

Georgia Beatty & Maisie O’Brien (Baltimore)

Fiddler Georgia Beatty and shadow puppeteer Maisie O’Brien bring you “Spirit-Rider and Night-Heart”, a tale of the haunted horse rider who spends years following a mystical drum in search of her heartbeat. This is a performance where shadowy dreams play and songs weave a story from the future about today’s tasks of being alive.

Carmen Rothwell

Carmen Rothwell is an upright bassist, songwriter and improviser working at the intersection of creative, improvised, and contemporary music in NYC. She currently plays a central role in ongoing Brooklyn-based groups tilt, Scree, and Citrine; and has been regularly performing her solo music for bass and voice. Her 2021 solo album Don’t Get Comfy / Nowhere “thrives on the meeting of reservation and vulnerability, and its songs feel as emotional and virtuosic as a power ballad yet are sparse and withholding as a Rembrandt” (Pitchfork).