Molto Ohm: Night Waves (feat. Lester St. Louis), Asemix, Nava Dunkelman & Chuck Bettis, DJ KTN

Date: December 5, 2023
Time: 7:30pm

7:30pm doors, $18 (cash/Venmo, no presale)

Molto Ohm is Matteo Liberatore’s sonic and visual exploration of the interplay between digital life and social decay on an emotional level. In today’s alluring digital world, we are merely users, to whom health, beauty, love, and connection are promised. But at what cost? In the end, we find ourselves alone, void of purpose yet still mindlessly scrolling, pulling furtively on a pane of glass, unable to break through.

Utilizing a mixed palette of sporadic dance beats, seductive voices, synthetic melodies and environmental sound, the music deftly distills these experiences into arresting aural scenes. Liberatore’s prior prolific work in the realms of improvised and creative music is combined with his experience working as a freelance sound recordist in the advertising industry, as well as memories of dancing in nightclubs as a teenager in Italy, to assemble a work that is at once profoundly alienating and deeply intimate.

For the live experience, Molto Ohm plays next to a vertical screen projection that is complementing (or not…) the ideas expressed in the music, creating an immersive world of screen recordings, 360 footage, iPhone footage, and stock footage, in which the audience can get lost, amused, bewildered.

+special guest, Lester St. Louis 


Asemix is the collaborative project of Mari Maurice (aka more eaze) and Nick Zanca (fka Mister Lies) exploring the blurry space between pop abstraction, electro-acoustic zones and sound collage

Nava Dunkelman & Chuck Bettis

Nava Dunkelman – percussion, Chuck Bettis – electronics

DJ KTN all night