mix for sisters #8 – Ohal

March 15, 2016

Ohal is a musician based in Brooklyn. She’s a classically trained pianist, collaging synthesized sounds with field recordings and voice. Her work is based on formal transformations from the logic of contemporary composition to the sensibilities of pop songs, gradually building narrative and pathos out of soundscape and abstraction.

Ohal scored the soundtrack Cancelled Faces, which comes out on Styles Upon Styles on February 26.



Amazing Grace – Harold Budd

Angels Rig Hook – Amnesia Scanner

The Oak of the Golden Dreams – Harold Budd

Come out – Steve Reich

Anestis Logothetis – Fantasmata

Don’t Lick the Jacket – Helm

Tug Zone – Ikonika

S’ignorer – Steven Brown

Bololo Haha – MC Bin Laden

Berds (Low Jack Remix) – December

Serial Killers Don’t Kill their Boyfriend – Front 242

Meander – Kyoka

I Can See the Future – Incognito

Hump that Booty – Houz’mon

Pocket Pussy – Low Jack

Animal Cage – Front 24

Liaisons Dangereuses – Liaisons Dangereuses

Purge – Rrose

Trephine – Asusu

Distant Dreams – Throbbing Gristle

Choral – Andrea

Atti – Haruomi Hosono

Two in the Chamber – Afrikan Sciences

Insult 2 Injury – Inga Copeland

Ocarina – Zelda

Atraxia – Mort Garson

Sensation – Ron Hardy

Abnormal Restriction – Jlin

Come Visit the Big Bigot – Severed Heads

My Other Voice – Sparks & Giorgio Moroder

Never Too Much – Luther Vandross