Mix for Sisters #15 – Matt Cutler

April 27, 2016

Matt is a youthful DJ tinkering with tension and toying with traction. This mix for my friends at Sisters is a little noisy at times, like the restaurant can be on a busy friday eve, but it’s a truly mixed pot here with some rock, some orchestral, some vocal, the only weather report song I like, and two dance songs. Listen to my radio show Tuesdays, live from 3-5 am on WBAI 99.5 fm in New York City.



Lazy Magnet – Black Cloud Pt 2
Big Star – You Get What You Deserve
Cardiacs – In A City Lining (Live)
Cameron & Dillon – Spend The Night (Side B excerpt)
Jimmy Sanchez & His Crystal Balls – Cult Food
Francis Bebey – King Of The Pygmies
Blanche Blanche Blanche – Formica Blue
Lucinda Williams – Something About What Happens When We Talk
George Enesco – Carillion Nocturne
Eola – Wallet Whistle
Weather Report – Forlorn
Nautical Almanac – Male Mountain (The Horns Of Dionysus)
Black Daniels – Carnival Beats (excerpt)
James K – Drunktrack (Florian Kupfer Remix)
Malcriado – Seawater
Ding Shan-de – II. Lento [Long March Symphony]