Balkan Mondays: Balkan Jam

Date: July 1, 2019
Time: 8pm

Balkan Mondays: Tavche Gravche performance has been postponed until a later date – instead we will have a Balkan music jam. $10





Hailing from New York City’s bustling streets, Tavche Gravche merges haunting Macedonian and Mediterranean melodies, both traditional and original, with dynamic improvisational elements; all the while maintaining the explosive dance-able rhythms and energy of Balkan music.

Macedonian-born clarinetist Vasko Dukovski is a concert performer dedicated to breathing new life into the music of his roots. Steeped in both jazz and flamenco, Israeli-born guitarist Dan Nadel provides the fiery textural and harmonic palette for the band’s music. Jazz bassist Daniel Ori, also from Israel, is the group’s founder, and his prominent sound is its foundation. Together, the trio pushes the boundaries of this unique blend of cultures, rhythms and colors to become an all-encompassing adventure for listeners.

Tavche Gravche is set to release its sophomore record, Sonic Pollination, later this year, featuring master percussionist Satoshi Takeishi and Bulgrian vocalist Mimi Berkova.

Vasko Dukovski – clarinet
Dan Nadel – guitar
Daniel Ori – bass

9:00pm – Balkan Jam

Musicians are welcome to sit in for the jam. Get in touch for the playlist!