Assembly # 13 curated by Lester St. Louis & Luke Stewart

Date: January 24, 2024
Time: 7:00

Assembly is curated by Lester St. Louis & Luke Stewart to showcase the vanguard of new music, ambient electronic and post-genre exercise alongside open format DJs spinning eclectic social music.

performing live

Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary

image Peter Gannushkin

“Mohammad and Mehdi Mehrabani-Yeganeh have always skated the fringes of jazz. It might be too much to label them as a jazz duo – their recent run of records is far too exploratory for that – but the duo’s music has long attempted to reconcile the musical freedom and virtuosic qualities of jazz with electronic production techniques and a vast knowledge of contemporary experimental music.  Jason Nazary is a Brooklyn-based drummer and composer who’s best known for innovative hybridization of electronic and acoustic forms; well suited to Mohammad and Mehdi’s sonic architectures, he’s able to root their stargazing electric piano improvisations and smoked-out electronics, providing a rhythmic backbone that’s weighty but viscous.” via Brad Rose


Eternities is a collaboration between bass clarinetist Katie Porter and sound artist Bob Bellerue. Their work is inspired by deep presence, resonant feedback, melodic drone, and overtone magic, in the fluid realm between intention and indeterminacy. We use harmonic tones from wind instruments played within feedback systems to create deep spectral drone”

Drew Wesley

image Peter Gannushkin

“Guitarist Drew Wesley describes his music as sounding like «non-linguistic psychic image ancient memory transference. The perennial ritual home remedy for late capitalist dissolution and the violence of concepts and cultural constructs». Wesley plays the electric guitar in a non-conventional manner, with a cello bow, bowls and other objects, and feedback as well as with more conventional pickup and amplification systems. His free improvisation explores the relationships between timbre, gesture, duration and the fractal scales of form.” via Eyal Hareuveni