Assembly #12 curated by Lester St. Louis & Luke Stewart

Date: December 11, 2023
Time: 7:30pm

7:30pm doors

Assembly is a monthly series curated by Lester St. Louis & Luke Stewart showcasing new music, ambient electronic, and post-genre exercises alongside eclectic open format DJs

Qiujiang Levi Lu Website


…is a Baltimore-based composer, free-improviser, and sound artist whose works explore the spatiality of electroacoustic sound, audio-visual interactivity between performer and audience, and phenomenology of sound. Lu’s compositions range from purely acoustic to experimental electronic and incorporate their love of listening to everyday sounds and using them in creative ways.

Nate Wooley’s Mutual Aid Music Assembly 2023 resident artist

Madison Greenstone – clarinet

Joshua Modney – viola

gabby fluke-mogul – violin

Luke Stewart – bass

Lester St. Louis – cello

Mariel Roberts – cello

Nate Wooley – trumpet

“It may be the logical truth that we intend to perform only our own actions. But we can use a new concept of quasi-intention. One person could quasi-intend to perform another person’s actions. When this relation holds, it does not presuppose personal identity.” – Derek Parfit

via Nate Wooley: “Very Humbled to announce the final installment of Mutual Aid Music’s residency at Sisters in Brooklyn. For each concert, those who can take part have contributed small musical materials to what listeners may know as Battle Pieces or Mutual Aid Music. MAM has been the product of the ensemble rather than my compositional project.  This has been an incredible opportunity to try something new, and I hope you will join us for this last attempt at the grand experiment in approaching a non-hierarchical compositional system.”

Heru Shabaka-Ra’s Basquiat Blues

photo by Patrick Gullemin 

+ all night selektor: FVCKSIMONE


$20 at the door (no presale, cash/Venmo)