Assembly #11 curated by Lester St. Louis & Luke Stewart

Date: November 20, 2023
Time: 8pm

Assembly is a monthly series curated by Lester St. Louis & Luke Stewart showcasing new music, ambient electronic, and post-genre exercises alongside deeply eclectic DJs 

Assembly 2023 Resident Artist: Nate Wooley’s Mutual Aid Music Bandcamp

“Now including 18 members on two continents will play once a month at Sisters in Brooklyn as part of the Assembly series curated by Lester St. Louis & Luke Stewart. For each concert, those who can take part will contribute small musical materials to what listeners may know as ‘Battle Pieces’ or Mutual Aid Music. MAM is the product of an ensemble learning the context of individual & collective languages, rather than an individual’s compositional project.”

Julia Santoli 

“Creating immersive and precarious environments with voice, video, feedback, electronics, psycho-acoustics, and installation, Santoli navigates presence, memory, and postmemory– memory ruptured by dislocation and inheritance (diaspora), mediated only through representation, projection, and creation. Santoli’s approach to vocalization integrates embodied practice with an attention to close listening and empathetic response in both the artist and audience, often tipping the scales between resonant clarity and extreme sonic states.

Santoli has had the honor of being a 2019 Music Resident at Pioneer Works, 2019 Asian Cultural Council grantee to Japan researching sound art and spatial practices, and a 2018 Artist in Residence at Issue Project Room. Solo works and collaborations have been presented at many institutions and DIY spaces. Close collaborators include cellist Leila Bordreuil, saxophonist Tamio Shiraishi, bassist Zach Rowden, glockenspielist Trevor Saint, and producer GENG.” Website 

Michael Foster’s The Ghost 

The Ghost is Michael Foster (composition, saxophones)’s leatherdaddy free jazz trio (Brandon Lopez on bass, Joey Sullivan on drums); subverting & indulging in the tropes of free jazz to express a uniquely queer perspective.

Uncle Boonmeh (Chris Williams) selekting a l l  n i g h t

7:30pm doors $20 (cash/Venmo, no advance tickets)