Zahra Zubaidi – Iraqi Maqam at BMH

Date: February 11, 2020
Time: 8pm

This Maqam performance includes a classical Iraqi repertoire of Nazim El Ghazali, Afifa Iskanar, and Wahida Khalil by Iraqi vocalist Zahra Zubaidi.

Born in Iraq, Zubaidi is a New York-based vocalist/actor. She has performed with Safaafir, the only US-based ensemble dedicated to performing the Iraqi Maqam, this year at Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum, and, most recently, Roulette. She is a student of Iraqi Maqam under the guidance of renowned Iraqi Maqam master Mr. Hamid Al Saadi.

8:00pm – Zahra Zubaidi – Iraqi Maqam
9:00pm – Open Jam Session
Admission: $10
Doors at 7:30pm

Zahra Zubaidi – vocals
Sami Abu Shumays – violin
Omar Dewachi – oud
John Murchison – qanun
Johnny Farraj – percussion
Nezih Antakli – percussion

About Maqam :
The maqam is the classical vocal tradition of Iraq and one of the most refined of the many maqam traditions found throughout the Arab and Muslim world. In Iraq, the term maqam refers to highly-structured, semi-improvised, compositions that take years of disciplined study under a master to learn fully. Often rhythmically free and meditative, they are sung to Classical Arabic and colloquial Iraqi poetry, and are followed by light-hearted, rhythmic songs, known as pestaat.*