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Brooklyn Raga Massive Presents: Nakshatra / Tranpe

May 13, 2024


7pm doors 8pm music

Full dinner menu available

Seating is first-come first-serve

Brooklyn Raga Massive Presents

Nakshatra: Trina Basu & Arun Ramamurthy

Violinists Trina Basu and Arun Ramamurthy reimagine the potential of string chamber music with a unique sound both deeply intimate and cinematically expansive. Deeply rooted in traditions of South Indian classical music, Western chamber music, jazz and folk styles, the duo creates a sound that feels ancient, orchestral, and contemporary or as The New Yorker put it, “free-flowing and globe-spanning.” Trina and Arun reach both deep into their past and high into the celestial realm, culminating in a lush and spiritual collaboration that bridges traditions and defies genres.

Tranpe: Rufus Cappadocia & Sheila Anozier

Sheila Anozier‘s deep relationship with Haitian folk melodies and Vodou converges with Rufus Cappadocia’s mastery of modal music and polyrhythm to produce Tranpe’s transcendent version of the “Mizik rasin”.