mix for sisters #10 – Kermit G

March 15, 2016

Kermit G is a western Massachusetts based producer, dj and vocalist with roots in the kempt suburbs of NYC. He looks forward to sharing time in the booth at Sisters with Kristin Malossi on Sunday, March 6th 2016.

This mix was recorded at home in Florence, MA with some Friday afternoon sunlight shining through west facing windows. It features new music from myself and a few close friends. Hope you enjoy : )



??? – advance to next level

vose 106 – right temple

jack propane – air lift 1000

vose 106 – gze2.0_

kareem moser – escape from frankfurt

tm404 – ununge vangelis katsoulis – improvisation

alvin aronson – mat

jack propane – cold hands

kermit g – untitled

kermit g – bad gateway (flute mix)

glenn underground – ninja

db-x – outer limits

drexciya – wave jumper

dez williams – playing with my mind

large interior – large interior

laurel halo – drift

vose 106 – 437 dub (tape fast)

kerosene – untitled side a

gosub – i know you know

mike ink – statistik

e.r.p. – jb

luis cl – bang

moebius – nervos

tom and jerry – maxi(mun) style remix