Rewind the Message (mix for sisters #9) – Brandon Wilner

March 15, 2016

Brandon Wilner is a reader, writer, and twin who lives in New York. He co-runs the reissue label Fake Music Re-Anticipations, and his recent publications include Acknowledgements (Publication Studio) and The Complete Works of Brandon Wilner (Spacecraft Press). As for DJing, if he thought that selecting records were more dangerous than living in general, he probably wouldn’t do it.

This mix, his third annual lovers one, was recorded at Cole Evelev’s apartment in Hell’s Kitchen on February 3, 2016.



Macka B & Kofi – Dread A Who She Love
Jennifer Daye – Together
Sandra Dee – Tear Fall From My Eye
Ruddy Thomas – When I Think of You
Little John – Joker Lover
Black Roots Band – Out of Love Version
Mrs Brown (Paulette Tajah) & Mrs Irie – Vex (Stress Pt. 2)
Carol Campbell – It’s Real
Vivian Jones – Sugar Love
Deborahe Glasgowe – This Love
Anthony Ritch – Special Guest
Donna Rhoden – We Are In Love
Mike Anthony – Sexy Eyes
Fredrica Tibbs – Angel
Pure Silk Feat. Wendy Walker – Make My Dream a Reality
June Lodge – Give Me Your Love
Storm – It’s Hard Not to Like You
Carrol Gunzalis – Sweet Sensation
Marie Pierre – Somebody Else’s Man