mix for sisters #6 – Andrew Devlon (Poolside Acid Mix)

March 15, 2016

Andrew Devlon was born and raised on the kind streets of the Upper East Side of New York City. As a young boy, he fostered a love for bagels and Lynard Skynard. One night, saddened by a progressive trance concert, Andrew met a hip french kid who told him “there’s a lot cooler music than this.” Since then, he’s been dedicated to finding and sharing the good stuff. Today Andrew prefers techno, chicken cutlets, and house music. You can find him serving a combination of these at his regular gathering, The Level Party. He still likes bagels a lot.



Edwin Birdsong – Lollipop (Kai Alce edit)

Suzanne Kraft – No Worries

Mo’lima – Thinkin’ About You
Virginia – Fictional
Fred P – Using Machines
Deep 88 – Blue Network
Galcher Lustwerk – I Neva Seen
Aurora Halal – Sleep Distortion
M. Rav – Depravation
Jeff Mills – Gamma Player
John Daly – Everlasting (Marcelus Remix)
Black Suede – Connect Like 2 Ways
M-A-E – 6651 (DJ Spider Remix)
Willow – Feel Me
Route 8 – The Sunrise in Her Eyes
Jungle Wonz – Time Marches On