mix for sisters #3 – Timo

March 15, 2016

Timo has been a self-described “music geek” her whole life. She started DJing in 2008 and quickly assumed a coveted residency at DJ Harvey’s thirtyninehotel in Hawaii. Since then she’s hosted numerous parties and radio shows playing underground disco, indie dance and electronica around the island state. She moved to Brooklyn last year and has found a new family of disco lovers to share her ever-growing record collection with.



Mexican Margarita (Tonovi remix) – Jacob Gurevitsh
Needs Ending – Try to find me
Karo’s at Work – Boof
BakerMan (Soul Clap remix) – Laidback
Gabriel (feat. Peven Everett) – Roy Davis Jr
Think Twice – The Detroit Experiment
Sound of Music – Kevin Koga’s unreleased edit
Love the Night Away (Tiedye mix) – DJ Kaos
Samba Trip – Richard Schneider Jr