Seyyah at Brooklyn Maqam Hang

Date: June 25, 2019
Time: 8pm

Seyyah performs folk and classical music from Asia Minor. Commanding performances by each ensemble member, as well as the ensemble as a whole, blur the lines between folk and classical in lively sets that are equally at home in the recital hall or the meyhane. Over the past few years Seyyah has emerged as one of New York’s best representations of Asia Minor chamber music. Seyyah’s ensemble members are some of the most visible musicians on the middle eastern music scene in the Mid-Atlantic and together they generate an important contribution to the middle eastern music scene in America.

8:00pm – Seyyah 9:00pm – Open Jam Session Admission: $10 Doors at 7:30pm

Jenny Luna- voice Eylem Basaldi- violin Lefteris Bournias- clarinet Kane Mathis- oud John Murchison- bass Shane Shanahan- darbuka Philip Mayer- riq